Photo of Rainn Wilson Rainn Wilson

Born Jan. 20, 1966, Seattle native Rainn Wilson attended both Tufts University and the University of Washington before studying at New York University's prestigious graduate acting program. While starting his theatrical career in New York, Wilson paid the bills by driving a moving van.

In 2003, after years of smaller parts in film and TV, Wilson found his biggest role yet as Arthur, the androgynous love interest of Francis Conroy's character on "Six Feet Under." Then in 2005, Wilson found true stardom -- and a few Emmy nominations -- as America's defining dork Dwight Schrute, the obnoxious, brownnosing sales rep from the hit NBC sitcom "The Office."

Wilson's big-screen credits include My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Last Mimzy and The Rocker.

Rainn Wilson in The Office (U.S.)

The Office (U.S.)

2005 TV-14

This hit comedy series chronicles the daily foibles of office workers at the Dunder Mifflin paper company, where deluded boss Michael Scott attempts to shepherd his employees as a documentary film crew captures every wince-worthy moment.

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