Photo of Ray Campi Ray Campi

Ray Campi in Rockabilly Shakedown

Rockabilly Shakedown

2006 NR

Return to the days of British rockabilly with this set of performances and promo videos by the Hayriders, the Riverside Trio, the Deltas, Ray Campi, Crazy Tim & Sid, the Rhythmaires, Way Out West, the Jets and Restless. The compilation features the Hayriders' blazing rendition of "So Glad You're Mine"; "Cool Off, Baby" by the Deltas; "Linda Lou" by the Rhythmaires; "Rockin' at the Ritz" by the legendary Campi; and many other great tunes.

  • Ray Campi in Ray Campi: Rockabilly Man Ray Campi: Rockabilly Man