Photo of Renuka Balan Renuka Balan

Renuka Balan in Azhagai Irukirai Bayamai Irukirathu

Azhagai Irukirai Bayamai Irukirathu

2006 NR

When Mano (Bharath) travels to Chennai in search of a woman he met in Ooty, he runs into Jothi "Jo" Lakshmi (Mallika Kapoor), and the two hatch a plot to come between Prem (Arun Kumar) -- the man Jo desires -- and his sweetheart, Nandhini (Dheepu). But their schemes keep backfiring, and Prem and Nandhini continue to move closer to marriage. As they try to separate the happy couple, flashbacks reveal a surprising connection between Mano and Jo.