Photo of Robert Fiske Robert Fiske

Robert Fiske in Cowboy Heroes of the Silver Screen

Cowboy Heroes of the Silver Screen

1933 NR

Strap on your spurs and hit the trail to relive the heyday of the Hollywood Western with this generous collection of films from the 1930s and '40s, many featuring performances by actors who went on to become stars. Tex Ritter, Buster Crabbe, Ken Maynard and Tom Keene are just a few of the screen legends who saddle up for this vintage anthology. Bonus material includes revealing interviews with the some of the films' actors and stuntmen. Giddyap!

  • Robert Fiske in Before I Hang / The Boogie Man Before I Hang / The Boogie Man
  • Robert Fiske in Song of the Gringo Song of the Gringo
  • Robert Fiske in The Law Commands The Law Commands
  • Robert Fiske in Adventure in Sahara Adventure in Sahara
  • Robert Fiske in The Green Archer The Green Archer
  • Robert Fiske in Meeting Osama Bin Laden Meeting Osama Bin Laden