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Blessed with chiseled good looks and a muscular 6-foot-4-inch frame, Rock Hudson was born Roy Scherer Jr. Nov. 17, 1925, in Winnetka, Ill. He made his big-screen debut with a bit part in The Fighter Squadron (1948).

Hudson continued in small roles and supporting turns until lassoing the lead in the 1952 Western Scarlet Angel. Two years later, Hudson was cast in the film that made him a star: the 1954 remake of Magnificent Obsession. He scored an Oscar nod for his performance in Giant (1956), and in 1959 he teamed with Doris Day for Pillow Talk, one of several bedroom comedies that became his career hallmark.

Hudson transitioned to television in 1971 with "McMillan and Wife," part of a rotating anthology series. After contracting AIDS, Hudson was the first mainstream celebrity to go public with such information; he died from complications of the disease Oct. 2, 1985.

Rock Hudson in Giant


1956 G

In Oscar-winning director George Stevens's sprawling epic, Texas cattleman Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) journeys to Virginia in the early 1920s, falls in love with aristocratic, independent-minded Leslie Lynnton (Elizabeth Taylor) and takes her back to his ranch -- setting the stage for an intergenerational saga that spans decades. James Dean (in his last film appearance) co-stars as sulking, nouveau riche Jett Rink -- the root of Bick's worries.

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