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A writer, director and actor with a fiercely independent edge, Ronald Bronstein makes his living as a projectionist in New York City. An ardent cinephile, he professes to watch an average of 600 movies a year.

Bronstein made his first film, Frownland (2007), while working nights at various New York City art houses, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Walter Reade Theater. The 16mm movie was completely self-financed with money he earned during a one-year stint as a copywriter in Sweden, and he cast his leading man -- a suicide hot-line operator and deli-counter clerk -- after meeting him at a family funeral.

Bronstein's breakthrough acting debut in Daddy Longlegs (2009) -- which premiered at Cannes under the title Go Get Some Rosemary -- earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

Ronald Bronstein in Frownland


2007 NR

Social misfit and self-labeled "troll from under the bridge" Keith Sontag (Dore Mann) lives a sad and lonely existence in this disturbing black comedy -- an Independent Spirit Award nominee -- from director Ronald Bronstein. When he's not trying to sell coupons door-to-door, Keith struggles with evicting his roommate from their seedy apartment, helping a friend who's suicidal and just getting by as an outsider in the cruel city.

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