Photo of Ted Danson Ted Danson

Born Dec. 29, 1947, in San Diego and raised near a Navajo reservation in Arizona by a prominent archeologist and museum director, Ted Danson began his studies at Stanford but transferred to Carnegie Mellon to pursue a degree in drama.

Danson built his resume with various theater, television and movie credits, as well as a stint as the well-heeled "Aramis Man" for a high-profile cologne company. Yet Danson's decision to accept a starring role as Boston bartender Sam Malone in "Cheers" (1982-93) would ultimately define his career, bringing him two Emmys and nine additional nominations.

Danson took to the big screen as an unprepared father in 3 Men and a Baby and an Army captain in Saving Private Ryan. He also starred in the series "Becker" (1998-2004), before earning another Emmy nod for his work on the FX original series "Damages."

Ted Danson in Fargo


2014 TV-MA

Writer/executive producer Noah Hawley and executive producer Warren Littlefield expand on the Coen brothers' mythology of their 1996 big-screen masterpiece while retaining all the Minnesota charm that made it a cult hit. This limited series chronicles a new criminal case.

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