Photo of Terry O'Quinn Terry O'Quinn

A prolific and gifted character actor who finally found fame with "Lost," Terry O'Quinn was born July 15, 1952, in Newberry, Mich., and made his feature debut in Heaven's Gate in 1980. After a soap opera gig and a Broadway stint opposite Faye Dunaway, O'Quinn worked steadily in television and films, with memorable turns in Places in the Heart (1984) and the landmark AIDS drama An Early Frost (1985).

O'Quinn earned raves in 1987 as the demented title character in the thriller The Stepfather. During the '90s and 2000s, he remained a familiar face if not a familiar name, appearing in "The Rocketeer" and on the tube in "The X-Files" and "The West Wing."

In 2003, O'Quinn landed a role on "Alias," where he worked with series creator J.J. Abrams -- who later cast him in "Lost." Playing the mysterious John Locke, O'Quinn became a fan favorite and a 2007 Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.

Terry O'Quinn in Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

1985 R

When a sleepy town is terrorized by sadistic murders, the locals conclude that the culprit is a werewolf. But only Marty, a 13-year-old boy in a wheelchair, is brave enough to try to track down the mysterious beast.

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