Photo of Tight Eyez Tight Eyez

Tight Eyez in Rize


2005 PG-13

Former commercial photographer and music video director David LaChapelle delves into the "krumping" culture in South Central Los Angeles, capturing the unbelievable gyrations of dancers with moves so quick that they warrant a special disclaimer.

  • Tight Eyez in Krump 1.0: Basic Techniques Krump 1.0: Basic Techniques
  • Tight Eyez in Krump 2.0: Advanced Techniques Krump 2.0: Advanced Techniques
  • Tight Eyez in The Heart of Krump The Heart of Krump
  • Tight Eyez in Lil' Homies of Krump Lil' Homies of Krump
  • Tight Eyez in Styles of Krump Styles of Krump