Photo of Udo Kier Udo Kier

Born in Cologne, Germany, on Oct. 14, 1944, Udo Kier began his movie career in the 1970s, working often with his friend and former lover, German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, in films such as The Stationmaster's Wife (1977) and Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980).

Kier appeared in a string of European-produced films throughout the '80s and '90s -- starring in Dutch director Lars von Trier's Epidemic (1987) and Europa (1991) -- before breaking into Hollywood indies with supporting roles in My Own Private Idaho (1991) and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) and moving on to mainstream fare such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Barb Wire (1996) and Blade (1998).

In the new millennium, Kier found a niche in horror-themed films, playing art director Albin Grau in the critically acclaimed Shadow of the Vampire (2000) and appearing in Rob Zombie's retake on the horror classic Halloween (2007).

Udo Kier in Suspiria


1977 R

This horror gem follows Susan, a young American girl whose talents have brought her to an illustrious European ballet school. But once she gets there, she realizes there's something strange going on as she's faced with a cluster of freaky happenings, from a shower of maggots to poison in her food. What she soon learns is that the school has been a meeting place for witches for many years.

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