Photo of Vaishali Parmar Vaishali Parmar

Vaishali Parmar in Som Thi Shukra Taro, Shaniware Hun Maro

Som Thi Shukra Taro, Shaniware Hun Maro

2007 NR

When Nikhilkumar Timbadiya's wife, Sheela, discovers that her husband has been spending his weekends not balancing spreadsheets at the office but womanizing in Pune and Mumbai, the picturesque life of the nebbish accountant is turned upside down. Arvind Rathod, Sheetal Rajda, Vaishali Parmar, Bijal Mehta, Mahesh Udeshi, Hemant Bhatt and Dharmesh Vyas star in this hilarious comedy from director Suresh Rajda.

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