Photo of Vincent Sherman Vincent Sherman

Vincent Sherman in Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection

Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection

1932 NR

With names like Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Fay Wray, Lionel Barrymore, Lionel Atwill and even Humphrey Bogart, this assortment of 1930s horror films adds up to one impressive collection. Bloodthirsty vampires, mad scientists, crazed killers, demonic dolls plus a host of other menacing characters spell heaps of ghoulish fun for vintage horror buffs. The set also includes commentaries by directors, screenwriters, historians and more.

  • Vincent Sherman in All Through the Night All Through the Night
  • Vincent Sherman in Old Acquaintance Old Acquaintance
  • Vincent Sherman in Mr. Skeffington Mr. Skeffington
  • Vincent Sherman in The Adventures of Don Juan The Adventures of Don Juan
  • Vincent Sherman in The Hasty Heart The Hasty Heart
  • Vincent Sherman in Deadline at Dawn / Backfire Deadline at Dawn / Backfire
  • Vincent Sherman in The Garment Jungle The Garment Jungle