Photo of William Berger William Berger

William Berger in Grindhouse Experience: Vol. 2

Grindhouse Experience: Vol. 2

1960 NR

Travel back to the drive-in movie days of murder and mayhem with this compilation of vintage crime dramas, war movies, actioners, spine-chillers, sci-fi flicks, blaxploitation pictures and more. The 20 films take you on journeys through postapocalyptic worlds, cloak-and-dagger danger, epic historical adventures, high-octane car chases, deadly shark attacks, kung fu exploits, superhero escapades and much more.

  • William Berger in Sabata Sabata
  • William Berger in My Dear Killer My Dear Killer
  • William Berger in Keoma Keoma
  • William Berger in The Girl from Trieste The Girl from Trieste
  • William Berger in They Call Him Graveyard / Price of Honor They Call Him Graveyard / Price of Honor
  • William Berger in Night of the Skull Night of the Skull