Photo of Yuen Biao Yuen Biao

One of the most athletic martial artists to grace the silver screen, Hong Kong native Yuen Biao was born July 26, 1957. At the tender age of 5, he enrolled at a drama academy, where he crossed paths with future action stars Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.

Biao played bit parts in his early movies (including a 1973 appearance in Enter the Dragon) and gained a measure of fame after Hung cast him as the lead in Knockabout (1979); his role in The Prodigal Son three years later turned him into a full-fledged star. He later teamed with Chan and Hung (a screen collaboration for which Biao is best known) in Project A (1983), My Lucky Stars (1985) and Dragons Forever (1988).

The 1989 cult classic Iceman Cometh is widely considered Biao's best film. His other movies of note include 1991's A Kid from Tibet (which he also directed) and The Avenging Fist (2001).

Yuen Biao in The Legend is Born: Ip Man

The Legend is Born: Ip Man

2010 TV-MA

This martial arts biopic follows the early years of Ip Man -- the master who would one day become Bruce Lee's mentor -- as he perfects his Wing Chun style of combat against a small army of villainous foes.